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4th Japanese CSW 7-Day Workshop Registration

From November 12 to 18, 2023, Cheonshim Won will be hosting our 3rd Japanese CSW 7-Day Workshop. During this Workshop, Participants will be offering devotion, receiving Chanyang Sessions, and receive…

Following True Parents’ Footsteps – 3 Day Pilgrimage

The places that surround the Grand Canyon are filled with wonder, beauty, and spiritual energy. True Parents being attracted to this, visited Sedona 5 times while he was alive on…

True Mother’s Workshop CSW Accommodation

Hello, Accommodation at Cheonshim Won will be available during True Mother’ Special Workshop that will be held at the International Peace Education Center (IPEC). Please fill out the accommodation form…

November CSW 7-Day Workshop

From November 5th to 11th, 2023, we will be hosting our 7th Cheonshim Won Workshop! Nothing is impossible if you offer sincere prayer in Cheonshim Won Special Prayer Room. During…

1st KEA CSW 3-Day Workshop Concluded!

This September, Cheonshim Won concluded its first ever KEA Workshop! We thank all who could participate in this wonderful workshop! Here are some of the moments we captured.  Hope to see…

CSW Yearbook 2022 – 2023

The core components of Cheon Shim Won USA include the following to help develop the heart that can unite completely with Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

Cheonbo Events & Workshops

Special sessions to cleanse our spiritual and physical bodies.


Divine Principle, Holy Scripture, and True Parents' Life Course Education to connect our hearts with Heavenly Parent & True Parents.

Sincere Devotion

Offering sincere devotion to move spirit world and receive Heavenly Fortune.

Our Location

Cheonshim Won Heavenly USA

7966 Haven St, Las Vegas, NV 89123


True stories from our blessed communities

Sharing stories of how families have become liberated through the grace of Hyojeong Cheonbo Won.

Our Mission

Why Cheonbo Training Center?

Spiritual Life Reborn

With spiritual education & ChanYang sessions, we are able to revitalize our physical and spiritual lives.

Strengthening Families

By connecting in heart with our Heavenly Parent & True Parents, we can strengthen our bonds with our families.


Prayer Conditions

Offering sincere devotions for the completion of God's Providence and unite with True Mother.

Now, because many people are contacted by evil spirits and are suffering from harm,
we must completely sever this connection and sweep away all the evil spirits.

True Father

Jan 8, 1999


Help change lives

Partner with us

Volunteer or offer your professional services to support our efforts.

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