Cheonshim Won

5th JP CSW 7-Day Workshop

Cheonshim Won will be hosting our 5th Japanese CSW 7-Day Workshop from January 21 to 27, 2024. During this Workshop, Participants will be offering devotion, participating in Chanyang Sessions, and receiving rejuvenating providential lectures in Japanese!


01/21 – 01/27/2024

Location: 7966 Haven St, Las Vegas, NV 89123 (True Parents’ Residence)


Workshop Fee: $500

Things to bring:
– 水筒
– 帽子
– サングラス
– 4日分の着替.
– 白いTシャツ
– タオル
– 歯ブラシ, 石鹸, シャンプーなど
– 筆記用具とノート
– 現金とチェック
– 外用のスリッパー


May the Blessings and Love of Heavenly Parent and True Parents be with you and your family. We hope to see you there!

**Participant’s flights should arrive at Harry Reid International Airport before 1 pm on January 21. The workshop is scheduled to start at 3 pm on January 21.

The return flights should depart after 1 pm on January 27. The workshop is scheduled to end at 11 am on January 27.

CSW Staff will be picking up participants from the Airport Car Rental Center. Here is the link on how to go to the Car Rental Center from the Airport…


*** 50 People max for Workshop registration.***