Cheonshim Won

America Africa Project Service Trip (Part 1)

“You Americans are affluent. Sell your house and go to Africa and take those poor brothers and sister as your own. Between a white sister and black brother, what color will their children be? If you have five children, 3 are black and 2 are white? Will you love only one color? No, you will give equal love to all of them. You will love the one of the opposite color from you. If you love those children more, and raise them well, then they will be more happy, and that is a good thing.” – True Father, October 8, 2001

On July 2, 2023, a group 9 young people left Los Angeles International Airport heading to Lusaka, Zambia. This young people carry the hope for both the American Continent and the African Continent as they unite with True Parents direction and discovering the true way of life.

As they arrived in Lusaka, they had Orientation, offering Devotion in Lusaka CSW Special Prayer Room, teaching English to the local youth, help building a bridge as a service project, and visiting the Garbage Village.  Why are people born in wealthier nations? Why are people born in an impoverished nation? Who decided where I would be born? Was it I? We must ask these questions and discover our responsibility in the Heaven’s Providence. 

Thank you for all those that supported and made this possible! 

Gallery 7/2~7/15