Cheonshim Won

Ancestor Liberation Ceremony

Ancestor Liberation is the initial process of sharing the Blessing with our ancestors. Through the Ancestor Liberation Ceremony, our ancestors rid of themselves of all sins but the original sin. Once Liberated, they attend Heavenly Parent and True Parents through guiding and Protecting Blessed Families on Earth.

After Registering to Attend, fill out the Ancestor Liberation & Blessing Form and send by email to register@cheonshimwon.orgForms must be sent in advance of the event. 

Ancestor Blessing Ceremony

Once 100 days or more has passed after our Ancestor’s Liberation, through the Ancestor Blessing Ceremony, they can receive the Blessing and become Absolute Good Spirits.

To learn more about Ancestor Liberation & Blessing, you can see answers of frequently asked question in FAQ. 

Blessing Between Spiritual & Physical

This event will be an opportunity for a Spirit World and Physical World Matching, Blessing, and Education to Start Family. See the FAQ for more info. 

Step 1. Matching Registration

Step 2. Blessing Workshop Registration

Step 3. Starting Family Workshop Registration

Inheritance of Candle for
Ascended Blessed Children

This event will be an opporunity to participate in an Inheritance Candle Ceremony, which is a process by which ascended Blessed Children can receive the Blessing. 

Download Registration to Receive Candle for Ascended Blessed Children

How to Register

To register for the Ancestor Liberation & Blessing Ceremony, our team needs to review all the forms before the start of the event.

Please fill in the forms on the computer and email your form to Willus Namowicz at

We strongly recommend that you send your complete forms by email to Willus Namowicz before mailing anything. Then, pending confirmation that all calculations are correct, you may bring your payments directly to the designated table at the registration area on the morning of Saturday, at the start of the event.

How to Access Liberation Records

You can go directly to the HJ CheonBo (Cheongpyeong) website and log in to find your family’s Ancestor Liberation records. If you don’t know how to access records, please read this tutorial.  

If you have not yet created an account, contact Cheongpyeong by email at In the message, include your country, full name of husband and wife, Blessing group, other family members doing the Ancestor Liberation with you, and the specifics of your request.  

Always keep a copy of your Ancestor Liberation Registration Form for your own records.  

If you are having trouble accessing your records, please contact Willus Namowicz: