Cheonshim Won

August CSW 7-Day Workshop Concluded!

Thank you for this wonderful workshop! Here are some of the moments that were captured on the Camera.  Hope to see you next time.

Closing Ceremony


Heavenly parents, true parents thank you for allowing us to create America's CheonShim Won in Las Vegas and for all of us to be able to pray so close to where spirit world is. Attending August 7-day workshop I was able to grow so much from all the lectures and testimonies given by the first gens., why praying is important, why Las Vegas was chosen, how to be one with True Parents and many more wonderful lectures. As my 7 days started, I started getting sick first from my skin getting irritated and then my throat hurting. By the third day I had such a bad headache and horrible back pain, to the point I was struggling to stand up. My nose had bled so many times and I had thought I was going to faint soon. But, by praying, saying "I love you/ Thank you Heavenly Parent and True Parents" 100 times every time I enter CheonShim Won and really hitting the bad areas during chanyang my pain in my head and back was gone in one day. So on day five and six i was able to really focus on every word in the lecture and offer even more sincere prayers in the CheonShim Won. once again I thank you Heavenly parents, True Parents from the bottom of my heart for this amazing experience and the time that we were able to spend here. I love you!
- Arika Watanabe