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CSW Testimony – Etsuko Nukui

Three days before I went to the Cheon Shim Won Workshop, I suddenly had a sharp pain like my stomach was gripped by a hand. I struggled in pain and…

9th CSW 7-Day Workshop Concluded!

November 7-Day Report by Media Team

2nd KEA WS Concluded!

KEA WS REPORT NOV. by Media Team

4th JP CSW 7-Day Workshop Concluded!

4th JAP CSW 7-Day WS Report by Media Team

5th JP CSW 7-Day Workshop

Cheonshim Won will be hosting our 5th Japanese CSW 7-Day Workshop from January 21 to 27, 2024. During this Workshop, Participants will be offering devotion, participating in Chanyang Sessions, and…

KEA CSW 3-Day Workshop Registration

Cheonshim Won Heavenly USA is hosting our 3rd KEA Workshop from January 12-14th, 2024!  Please register using the registration link below! Come and rejuvenate your spirit in the Garden of God’s…

CSW Settlement Map

(JP) Rev. Park – How Cheon Shim Won Saved My Family

Tora & Tamami CSW Testimony Video

October CSW 7-Day Workshop Concluded!

Thank you for this wonderful workshop! Here are some of the moments we captured.  Hope to see you next time. October 7-Day Report by Media Team