Cheonshim Won

Rev. Jin Hwa Chung Central Evil Spirit Lecture KODAN Workshop (Korean with Japanese Translation)

Rev. Jin Hwa Chung Cheonshim Won Lecture for KODAN (Korean Lecture with Japanese Translation by Eri Yanai)

Dr. Ki Hoon Kim True Parents’ Course Saving America, Christianity, and the Historic Role of ACLC & WCLC

Dr. Kim speaks in Chicago CSW

CheonShim Won Resonance Prayer Lecture Slide

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True Parent’s Life Course – Rev. Jin Hun Yong

Rev. Jin Hun Yong, Chairman of Sunhak Institute of History, gives True Parents’ Course.


Daily life of a Conservative Orthodox Jew

Daily Life of a Conservative Orthodox Jew

True Parents’ Word on Africa and America

Mission of Cheon Shim Won

"Mission of Cheon Shim Won" - Rev. Chung