Cheonshim Won

CSW Testimony – Etsuko Nukui

Three days before I went to the Cheon Shim Won Workshop, I suddenly had a sharp pain like my stomach was gripped by a hand. I struggled in pain and…

CSW Settlement Map

(JP) Rev. Park – How Cheon Shim Won Saved My Family

Tora & Tamami CSW Testimony Video

Dr. Kim’s Filial Letter to True Mother

Dr. Kim, a filial son, poured his heartfelt emotions into a letter addressed to his True Mother.

Junko Osberg Testimony

Cheonshim Won Testimony

I am Rev. Lee Jin-Hyung, president of Dallas Korean Church. Ever since the Cheonshim Won Special Prayer Room was established in Dallas, the spiritual gifts of True Mother, the substantial…

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Hawaii Cheonshim Wom Settlement!

May 21st, 2023. Honolulu , Hawaii  Heavenly Parent’s Holy community had their Bequeathal and Settlement Ceremony for their Cheonshim Won Special Prayer Room.

CSW Testimony – Mr. and Mrs. Oberg