Cheonshim Won

Tora & Tamami CSW Testimony Video

Dr. Kim’s Filial Letter to True Mother

Dr. Kim, a filial son, poured his heartfelt emotions into a letter addressed to his True Mother.

Junko Osberg Testimony

How The Cheon Shim Won Saved My Family

Rev. Park from Gyeonggi-do Church, South Korea, shares his testimony on how the Cheon Shim Won saved his Family and Wife.

Tora’s Testimony on Breakthrough in Matching Process

Meet Tora, a young Unificationist who has offered sincere devotion and found answers to his prayers. In this video, he takes us through the journey of his Matching Process, which…

How I Met True Father in Cheon Shim Won

Testimony of Tomiko Gordon Cheon Shim Won Testimony My name is Tomiko Gordon, and my husband’s name is Bruce Gordon. I am 79 years old. I am blessed as 777…

Testimony of James Oberg, a Senior Member of Las Vegas Community about attending Cheon Shim Won

My name is James Oberg. My wife, Yasuko and I, have been attending Cheon Shim Won here in Las Vegas for six months. Under the leadership of Dr. Ki Hoon Kim…