Cheonshim Won

Cheonshim Won Testimony

I am Rev. Lee Jin-Hyung, president of Dallas Korean Church. Ever since the Cheonshim Won Special Prayer Room was established in Dallas, the spiritual gifts of True Mother, the substantial spirit, have continued.

Among the members of the Korean church, there was a Blessed Family who did not attending Church Services. The 2nd generation of this family has been to Korea, and during their trip, they were surprised by evil spirits. He said that one day he stayed at a pension, where the yin energy was very strong. I just thought it would be okay and slept, but the evil spirit pulled the leg of the 2-year-old lying down and was so surprised that I couldn’t sleep. He thought that evil spirits would not follow him if he came to America, but even after returning to America, he was often surprised by the energy of evil spirits and had trouble sleeping. Then, a machine at the cafe where he works suddenly malfunctions, causing surprise. It is said that the water tap in the house suddenly leaked and a lot of bad things happened. 

When True Mother gave me the CheonBo Special Gift and came to the church to hold the Holy Wine Ceremony, she consulted me about this. So I said that there is Cheonshim Won, so if you pray for it, you will get better. So after the Holy Wine Ceremony, my family prayed at the Cheonshim Won and went. And from that day on, I was able to sleep, and the bad things that happened to my house and store were gone. I saw a miracle in which spirits were separated and problems were resolved just by coming to Cheonshim Won and praying. Because this family received the grace of the Cheonshim Won, they were able to correct their religious attitudes and decided to come to the Cheonsim Won more often and devote themselves in the future.

Watching the works of the Holy Spirit given by True Mother happen to the members who came to Cheonshim Won and prayed, I realized that Cheonshim Won is True Mother’s great and amazing love for us.

True Mother, I sincerely thank you.