Cheonshim Won

Dr. Ki Hoon Kim Visits New Jersey KEA Church

Our chairman of Cheon Shim Won Heavenly USA, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, went to New Jersey this past weekend to establish Cheon Shim Won branches at the KEA Church and Elizabeth Church in New Jersey. Here is a report of what happened on this providential weekend!

  • Rev. Hogwi Suk, Deacon

I sincerely thank you for allowing us to offer the long-awaited and heartfelt dedication service. It was a time filled with abundant grace, as we heard the prayers of the pastor, the words of our True Parents about the origin of the USA CheonShimWon, and stories about the church leaders in the United States that are happening in Las Vegas. We also looked forward with hope and faith to the history, love, and blessings from Heaven for the CheonShimWon prayer room of our New York Korean Family Church. Thank you to our Heavenly Parent for waiting and to the dedicated pastor and members of our church!

  • Chairman Lee Kwang

I believe that the command to worship with spirit and truth is because our Heavenly Parent hopes that we become children with both intellect and spirituality. However, although we have learned many principles and our intellect has matured greatly, there are still many aspects in which our spirituality is lacking. I hope that the CheonShimWon prayer room will become a place for spiritual development. Moreover, through the CheonShimWon prayer, I hope that individual and family issues concerning our church members can be resolved, and they can become individuals and families that bring joy to our True Parents.

  • Rev. Choi Hoon-Moon’s Special Report on the CheonShimWon Dedication Service

I truly thank our Heavenly Parent, full of love and grace.

On the 6th day of the 8th month of the 11th year of Cheon Il Guk, you allowed us to offer a CheonShimWon dedicated to our New York Korean Family Church, which you had blessed by returning to the United States early and praying for North-South reunification. We deeply thank you for making this precious CheonShimWon dedication service today in a place appropriate to Heaven’s will.

You provided us with a 40-day period of sincere preparation for the CheonShimWon dedication from April 1st to May 10th, and during this period, you enabled us to thoroughly study the words of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents, which are like their last testament for humankind, through the special readings of the CheonJuHaeHoe and CheonShimWon prayer room on Wednesdays. Through this, you have established a solid foundation for the expansion of our church’s providential work centered on the CheonShimWon.

During this 40-day preparation period, you, our substantial True Mother, have restructured the CheonShimWon into a two-dimensional system for the reunification of a new, unified Korea, and we resolve to fulfill our responsibility to seek the homeland and original homeland, which is the Heavenly Parent’s homeland, as one with our family church united with the CheonShimWon.

To participate in the providential work of our Heavenly Parent, on June 2 and 3, we held a special workshop in front of Heaven, and you allowed us to delay the CheonShimWon dedication twice, which gave us more time to prepare internally and externally.

Especially, on the last day of the 40-day period of sincere preparation for the CheonShimWon dedication, thanks to the dedication of three deacons in the Cheongpyeong CheonShimWon and three families in our church’s CheonShimWon prayer room on the last day, you allowed the Heavenly Fortune of the Cheongpyeong CheonShimWon to be inherited to the New York Korean Family Church CheonShimWon. We truly feel that this day and time are precious and filled with grace.

As the 800th CheonShimWon devotion is spreading from Japan and the United States to the entire world like water covering the sea, we once again realize that the CheonShimWon dedication service at our New York Korean Family Church, which takes place as one of the centers of the 40-day special sincere preparation for the CheonJuHaeHoe, is the deep and wide love of our Heavenly Parent toward us. In the midst of our Heavenly Parent’s intricate plan and guidance, we are truly grateful for the establishment of Kim Ki-hoon as the leader of the USA CheonShimWon, allowing us to receive the love and grace of our Heavenly Parent through the CheonShimWon at our New York Korean Family Church. With overflowing gratitude, we resolve and pledge that we will become children who delight our Heavenly Parent through our transformed lives, as individuals, families, and our church, forever.

Now, may this CheonShimWon be a place where, when our church members face challenges in their spiritual and physical lives, they can seek our Heavenly Parent’s love, which is greater than our problems. May this CheonShimWon be a place where we can discern all negative factors that hinder our will and actions to become true children of our Heavenly Parent, and where we can experience the strong hand of the Heavenly Parent for the completion of true love. Thus, may all of us always be with us, leading and guiding us so that we can fully fulfill the dutiful way of filial piety in the name of our New York Korean Family Church President, Choi Hoon-moon, and the Goo Hwa-seon family.