Cheonshim Won

Jung Sun Batino, a 2nd generation and GPA leader shares her testimony about attending the Cheon Shim Won Workshop.

My Name is Jung Sun Batino. I am 23 years old, and I am an American Second Generation. My Parents came as missionaries to America from the Philippines in the early 90s. I am on my 5th year with Generation Peace Academy as a young staff to help raise up young leaders in America to Support God’s Providence. I want to Share about my spiritual Experience with prayer.

Before GPA my life of faith was very weak. I believe in God, but I could never recognize God’s love in my life. So, my relationship with God was very distant. GPA taught me about the importance of prayer and to have a sincere desperation for a spiritual experience with God.

The very first spiritual experience I had with God in prayer was at our holy ground in Atlanta, GA during my third year of GPA. I was asked to give the representative prayer on behalf of the younger generation. As I prayed, I felt the weight of Jesus, of TPs, and God’s suffering in my body. It was an unbearable feeling, and it was even hard to breath as I prayed. I could feel how many people in the world are spiritually dead because of ignorance, their spirits were crying. I was in shock and did not even know what to do except cry and cry and cry.

When I came to the Cheon Shim Won in Las Vegas a month ago, I had another spiritual experience in prayer. As I began to pray, I was little scared because of what I experienced at the holy ground. Spiritually, it was unbearable. Also, I was going through some personal struggles and felt unworthy to represent God and TPs. I was resistant to pray loudly and with all my heart.

However, I felt there were many things that the spirit world wanted me to pray about in the resonance pray. My body started to feel a little cold and started to shake because I knew I wasn’t letting go and surrendering myself to God. Suddenly, I felt something warm on my shoulders, they felt like hands holding me still as I was shaking. I knew it was True Father’s hands. I felt Father was supporting me and telling me he is by my side and not to worry. I felt he will protect me and that he didn’t want me to hold back, but to raise my voice in prayer with confidence and strength.

I decided to let myself shout everything to God and the Spirit World, through letting go I received a lot of clarity about personal struggles I was going through and my purpose in my public mission.

The most important message I received through my prayer was that America needs to give its life and serve the world by setting the example as the elder son nation for all nations and people. America needs to be a bridge, through witnessing, for all of Christianity and the world to receive and support True Parents.

Because of these spiritual experiences with prayer, I determined to serve in a public mission, specifically witnessing to American Christianity, as an expression of my filial heart. I hope that together with American Christianity we can go to different countries to teach the Divine Principle to the World as representatives of our True Parents. I want to bring hope and joy to our elder generation. What they started will not be lost or forgotten.

I’m humbled every day since I still have much to learn. I’m so grateful to True Parents for establishing our holy grounds and for giving us the Cheon Shim Won to pray at. Through these places we can always be connected in heart and Spirit with God, True Parents, and our ancestors. I love you Heavenly Parents & True Parents!