Cheonshim Won

How I Met True Father in Cheon Shim Won

Testimony of Tomiko Gordon

Cheon Shim Won Testimony

My name is Tomiko Gordon, and my husband’s name is Bruce Gordon. I am 79 years old. I am blessed as 777 couples, but I could not make this blessing, so we are blessed as 6000 couples. We have one daughter.

Recently, spiritual world around me was very heavy and difficult. Anxiety, anger, argument! Also, I felt heavy bad spirit world attacking me just over my head. There is no way for me to push back! So, I have decided to go to Cheon Shim Won in Las Vegas. Also, I needed a vacation out of my daily life. Probably 3, 4 day’s prayers and after that watching show in some hotels in Las Vegas which I have never seen, that was my plan.

When I arrived there, with a Japanese sister’s help, Mrs. Yasuko Oberg, I met Rev. Jin Hwa Chung. He asked me “How many nights do you want to stay?” “Eight nights.” I answered, thinking again, three or four days for prayer and two or three days for Las Vegas show. Later I felt, probably God prepared 7-day workshop for me at that time through Rev. Chung. Also, when l saw him, I felt Moses coming down from mountain to see me with his sparkling eyes.

First time I prayed in Prayer room which was innovated from TP’s bedroom, I felt warm strong energy. Then, 3 or 4 days later, I found out this CSW’s incredible spiritual power and value. TM said when we pray in CSW, our prayers will go to HP. Also, TM said that this is a final biggest gift for America.

I could understand those TM’s word in my capacity. I felt HP is listening kindly to my prayer. Not only that, but he is also talking to me with warmly, gently. It was a warm, warm communication between me and God!

I cried and cried. My tears came down a lot, as if seeing my physical parent after a long separation. I spoke almost everything in my heart and asked many things. I really felt I met Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Their spiritual existence which gave me love and healing. This is an alternate healing place! I felt that God is with TP together in same body, sometimes separated, to talk to me.

I do not want to write about my personal things here, but God taught me in warm, gentle ways that God made Mankind to love each other, and God wants us to represent True Parents to love all people. Regardless of us being aware of it or not, our position now is, we are standing before Adam and Eve’s Fall. Also, today is God ‘s full authority age! So, carry on that authority! To know, God’s need his representative to love all his people, I cried.

CSW is very interesting place. When I have some questions in my heart, same day or next day, I get answers like someone is talking to my heart, with warm, gentle feelings. I felt, not only prayer room, but all CSW area is holy ground and, questions and prayers are listened. I prayed a lot, and I wrote wish papers. I had a privilege to have breakfast every day with Rev. Ki Hoon Kim. I really felt his warm gentle godly heart.

I had a wonderful 7days prayer workshop in Chen Shim Won. My heart and my spiritual world is now calm and I am very happy!

Letter to True Parents

I have never thought that Heavenly Parent and True Parents have been loving me, caring me such a long time, and always. I did not know. Heavenly Parent and True Parents, you are the one who called me here, Cheon Shim Won, and I met you again, her, and I realized that you have been loving me all the time, such a many many years.

You have been waiting for me, door opened and light on the house. like waiting prodigal son. Here in this Cheon Shim Won, I have met, you True Father, your substantial spirit existence, and I heard Heavenly Parents answering to my many questions. You unchanging, warm and hot love which healed my suffering, sorrow. Your big heart and Love! Such a long time, I could not think, I could not experience. I almost forgot that. Parent’s warm bosom. I found out it here. Bible says, someday, “God will wipe out our tears” This is the place, here. Because your love to us is here! Because you are staying here in Cheon Shim Won. I don’t need to worry, no more! I do not need to be sad! Because you can hold is in your heart. Because you are here! I can come back here anytime! I do not need to cry anymore, because you are here with us! I will never be sad, with lonely tears! I will never cry alone anymore with loneliness or sadness!

I became so happy by coming here! True Parents said to me “You represent for True Parent and love and serve people with parental love.” Here my question to God were answered one by one. As if we are spiritually communicating, gentle, warm conversation. He told me “Now is the time, God’s full authority, and you carry on to the world.” Regardless of whether you know or not, I think, we are standing now, before Adam and Eve were fallen! So, we just believe in God, our parents, go the path happily. Heavenly Parents, thank you so much for your call to me, and gave 7- day prayer workshop. This was my lifetime precious experience, blessing, happiness! My tears fall down a lot with gratitude. Moreover, our True Parents’ substantial spiritual existence make me really really, grateful.

Thank you very much!

by Tomiko Gordon

Tomiko-san's Testimony in Japanese Video