Cheonshim Won

Testimony for Cheongshim Won prayer – Yoko Ota

Testimony by Yoko Ota

My husband and I are part of the 6500 couples blessing. We could not have a baby for a long year until we received Ansu by Dae Mo Nim in 1995. Right after that I got pregnant with our first son. So, we really appreciated Cheong Pyeong and Dae Mo Nim.

True Mother visited Las Vegas on April 30th then she offered their bedroom as Cheon Shim Won. True Parents’ bedroom was the most precious place where was full of tears. I felt it was the greatest blessing for us. My husband and I are happy to come to pray every day.

We attend the morning devotion at Cheon Shim Won 6am. Dr. Kim and Rev. Chung lead the devotion. I was so inspired by the devotion each single day. It has been 6 months since we attended the morning devotion. Then I really felt that Heavenly Parents want to stay and share the joy with us all the time. And I felt Him very close deeply after 6 months and I need to ask Him everything more seriously by myself. But I could not understand about my husband’s heart in our conversation a couple days ago. I struggled and shut down my mind to him. “Why he told me like that” such a judgement feeling came to me. I did not want to go to the morning devotion next morning. My mind and body were so heavy. But I remember that I always told to my elder son that “Any problem can be solved at Cheon Shim Won prayer” so I have no choice to go to the morning devotion to solve my problem.

When I try to pray at Cheon Shim Won, the internal voice came that “Have you ever prayed for your husband?”. It was not so much sincere prayer for him at that time even after God told me. But during driving back to home after the devotion, my tears kept coming out. I see True Mother’s smile in my mind, and she told me “You need to come to me, you stay with me eternally” I felt my ancestors were so happy with me, so I really appreciated to True Mother. Even I still do not understand my husband’s heart fully, but this thing was happened because Heavenly Parents & True Parents guided us to be an ideal couple through Cheon Shim Won prayer. They expect us to be a no shadow couple.

I really appreciate to True Mother for giving us Cheong shim Won here in Las Vegas.

Thank you so much