Cheonshim Won

Testimony of James Oberg, a Senior Member of Las Vegas Community about attending Cheon Shim Won

Testimony by James Oberg

My name is James Oberg.

My wife, Yasuko and I, have been attending Cheon Shim Won here in Las Vegas for six months.
Under the leadership of Dr. Ki Hoon Kim and Dr. Jin Hwa Chung, we have been blessed with having the first
Cheon Shim Won here in the United States of America by our True Mother.

When I first heard about the purpose and meaning of this
CSW, I found it difficult to grasp and could only compare it
with CSW in Korea. The deeper understanding would come
after attending and participating wholeheartedly, continuously
for five days a week. CSW was given by True Mother as the
final gift to America, the final chance to save America.
Upon entering CSW for the first time to attend devotion I felt

the presence of God. Very profound and Holy.

We begin by greeting True Parents and reciting Pledge
followed by HoonDokHae and discussion. Finally prayer.
We were given instruction in the manner of quality and
volume of our prayers. This is a time of resonance prayer or
you could say, loud prayer. It is truly amazing what takes
place during such prayers. Over the course of those six
months, I have experienced my spiritual awareness growing
sharper as the spirits attached to me are liberated and guided
to Heung Jin Nim/Daemo Nims workshop in the spirit world.
Many times during resonance prayer I beheld my ancestors as
if in massive bleachers, joining in wildly waving their arms
while shouting prayers to God. Amazing!

Also during resonance prayer I sense and see at times all the
empty spaces in CSW filled to capacity with spiritual beings
joining the prayer session. It’s very humbling to see such
joyfulness filling the room.
If you were to witness my prayers you would probably think
I’m a crazy man, and maybe rightly so. Crazy for God and
True Parents. I’m growing and continually changing my spirit
to becoming a higher self, becoming more peaceful, ridding
myself of unneeded and unwanted characteristics. The
importance of CSW lives in my heart now. I will save
America, at the cost of my life if necessary.
Please join us at Cheon Shim Won, Las Vegas.
 It’s the last hope for America.