Cheonshim Won

True Mother’s Words on Bowing Conditions

My mother first followed the New Jesus church, then the Holy Lord church, and finally the Inside the Womb church. In that church, she fervently prayed with longing for the Lord to return. When I was about four years old, I began to make conditions of devotion with her, by offering bows at her side. At the church, everyone observed the official times for offering bows, which were twice a day, in the morning and the evening. Some people also offered bowing conditions at other times, such as in the middle of meditation. – CBG

Bow is a sacred religious behavior where you gather energies around you and offer it to heaven.

The bow action is to raise your hands in a circular motion with your hands wide open, then bring your hands to your head to let the energy stay on your forehead, then bend your knees to lower your posture, and your head touches the floor. When our heads touch the floor, we give our energy to God.

Bow devotion is the sincerity of offering energy around you and sending it to the Heaveen.