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True Parents’ Words on the Jewish Community

2022-10-17 (5)


True Parents’ Words on the Jewish Community

1. There are many world-class scholars and figures among the Jews. And in New York, three-quarters of the economy is owned by Jews. Jews only make up a quarter, and they have three-fourths of the economic power. What have these Jewish people always wanted? Jewish people’s thoughts

What is it? They always thought of their country and never lost their dreams. It means that the thoughts of Gyeongcheon, the chosen people, and the thought of their country did not disappear from their hearts. Therefore, they are coming from all directions to celebrate the joyous day of national liberation. Gathering in this way, they are working miracles, saying, “We create Israel.” Behind it, there are complex international situations and various difficult circumstances, but they have overcome all difficulties and are recovering within a short period of time.

[19670611_Former Headquarters Church, Anthology of Sun Myung Moon’s Words 018-0228]

2. The idea of the chosen people emerged from among the evil people of the fallen world. Judging from this, the Jews and Israeli people who came out with the idea of a chosen people in the course of history seem like a miserable people, but that people is a chosen people. If we dig into the hearts of those people, 6,000 years of history will come to life, and the foundation of human history will come to life. And from there, God comes out, and all the historical sages come out. All such traditions are embedded in the principles of the Unification Church. It has a traditional idea that nothing can follow. That is the idea of the people of choice. The ideology of the chosen people is not limited to a certain nation or ideology for the nation of Israel. Although God is one God, looking at history, what kind of Hellenism or Hebraism are these thoughts that stabbed God with a dagger.

[19681117_Former Headquarters Church, Sun Myung Moon’s Words 021-0152]

3. How wonderful is it that Korea is established as the 3rd Israel centering on the Unification Church? Jesus, who came to the second Israel, swallowed his tears deep in his heart, carried the cross, and went to death. will be The church that does that is the Unification Church. It is not because the teacher is smart, or because the teacher has a leap of wisdom. I’ve never had that thought. Also, teachers do not do this because they want to stand in front of others. There is a great secret behind it, and it is because I am in a position where I cannot stand without standing up, so I have come this far.

[19681117_Former Headquarters Church, Sun Myung Moon’s Words 021-0152

4. Now, what you need to know is how to explode your pride and independence as a chosen people in your own heart. You must become a member of the Unification Church who can die while working hard in this work, even in an environment where life is at stake in the moment of death. Only then will life be revived from the corpse. He must have that power. What could be the reason for that power to enter such a place? It is the love of God, the original love. ‘With the heart of a parent, you wear a servant’s body, and you shed sweat for the earth, tears for mankind, and blood for heaven… .’ Who would know that Unification Church Teacher Moon is like that?

[19681117_Former Headquarters Church, Sun Myung Moon’s Words 021-0153

5. What kind of nation is that? Israeli nation. If you become a Jewish people in the world, that is, Jew, everyone in the world hates you. But the Jewish people say that the people of the world hate him or not, he doesn’t care. Jews hold most of the world’s economic power. Most of the world’s great scientists are descended from Jewish blood. Even in the Soviet Union, some important agents of the Politburo were Jews. The Jewish people are an advantageous people, but they believe in one God. Do you know Hitler? Although the Jewish people were slaughtered by Hitler during World War II, 6 million people did not want to be ruled by the Germanic ideology centered on the Nazi Party. When you die, you die, and you are not ruled by them. The nation of Israel followed global Godism, not national Godism.

[19700920_Chuncheon Church, Sun Myung Moon’s Words Collection 034-0317~9]

6. Look at the Jews. The nation of Israel is a terrifying nation. For two thousand years, the people were scattered all over the world. So, could you ever think of your own country? There is no nation and no nation, but an individual who has lost his country and an individual who has lost his nation

I have the idea that I can trust and replace the country. What kind of idea is that? This is the idea that they call the chosen people. This is a scary idea. ‘The people of Israel are chosen people. There is an absolute God in this universe, and this absolute God loves our people. Inflicting such trials and tribulations is not meant to destroy us, but to make us try and become the ultimate historical masters.’ This is a truly terrifying idea.

[19710211_Mapo Church., Anthology of Sun Myung Moon’s Words 040-0319]

7. It is said that there is no discrimination or exclusion among Jews based on characteristics such as skin color, but it is said that, in general, the moment they convert to Judaism, they ignore ethnicity and ancestry [8] and accept it as the concept of ‘we are a family of one ancestor’. Basically, living in many countries through the diaspora that has lasted for more than 2,000 years, there are only a few countries or groups in any country or group, and if only they unite there, they can be found out and rejected and annihilated. Recognizing that you are a Jew if you give up your ancestry close to the state, keep the traditions of Judaism, and live according to religious rituals and ethical norms. Therefore, because the appearance of the Jews is represented by the appearance of Europeans such as the Rothschild family or director Steven Spielberg, it is known only as a European ethnic group.

8. If the mother is a Jew, the child is considered a Jew. That is, it is a matriarchal society. However, in a matriarchal society, the status of women is not high. The fact that Jewish society is a matriarchal society is so because, in order to teach the aforementioned traditions, religious and ethical norms of the Jewish people unobtrusively from the outside, the mother had to teach them in her house.

9. The fact that the Jewish people have maintained a national community to this day, liberated their country after 2,000 years of losing their country, and that overcoming the national crisis and gaining global spotlight can be said to have originated from education.

It can be said that religion has maintained the characteristics of the Jewish people that seem to be broken but can draw a clear line in the history of thousands of years. And it can be said that the religion has been continued throughout life or through their own religious education. Therefore, there can be no education that ignores religion, just as the Jewish people cannot think of anything apart from religion. As such, religious education closely related to their lives has an educational tradition as long as their history, emphasizing the Jewish consciousness anytime and anywhere, allowing them to wander around the world while having a sense of unity as a Jewish nation, and has been playing the most important role in achieving national unity.

Religious education begins at home from childhood. Through the countless questions of “Who am I?” and “Who am I?”, the process of confirming and committing to oneself is repeated to establish values such as the universe view, the divine view, the life view, and the national view.

10. The important period for character formation is set as early childhood education and juvenile education, and during that period, free education, that is, nature education, is emphasized, breaking away from competition-oriented education. Therefore, the grades or ranks of children are not recorded on the academic record or report card. In early childhood education institutions, such as Gan, Kdamhoba, and Nursing Bar, basic education is mainly provided for the formation of humanity. The first step in the socialization process, etiquette, intelligence development program, drawing, making, and singing songs, rhythms and Bible fairy tales for emotional purification, etc. that sells creativity emphasizing the establishment.

 If we pay a lot of attention to the results of technical education, there is a risk of neglecting human education, that is, character education.

Among the education of the Jews, technical education ranks first. It is not too much of an exaggeration to say that technical education such as science and mathematics is emphasized after achieving human education to a certain extent and education for human development potential.

However, in secondary and higher education, technical education and competitive education are thoroughly implemented to develop maximum skills, producing world-class scholars.

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