Cheonshim Won

Registration Closed


Please arrange your own accommodations for this event. You can find a list of hotels near IPEC here.

The HJ CheonBo USA Event will take place from
Saturday, November 12 at 9:00 AM to Sunday, November 13 at 5:30 PM.

Saturday, November 12
9:00 AM – Registration Begins
10:00 AM – Welcome Message
10:30 AM – Ancestor Liberation
11:10 AM – Lunch
1:30 PM – Lecture
3:00 PM HJ Offering Ceremony
4:30 PM Closing

Sunday, November 13
8:00 AM – Ancestor Blessing Ceremony
10:00 AM – Sunday Service; 11:30 AM – Lunch
1:30 PM – 2nd Gen Special Meeting
4:30 PM – Lecture & Video + Q&A

Dissolvement of HyoJeong Offering Paper

True Parents’ established the tradition of HJ Offering Papers based on their concern for the wellbeing of our families. 

This event will be an opportunity to write a HJ Offering Paper and make the donation. A condition is also associated with writing a HJ Offering Paper, which can be found on the HJ CheonBo (Cheongpyeong) website.


Many questions about Ancestor Blessing can be answered on the HJ CheonBo website. If you have logistic questions about a local event, you can contact us through clicking Here.

Chan Yang is a session in which we cleanse our spirit self through resolving the negative spirit world that surrounds our life.


The Chan Yang Session will be held in conjunction with the Ancestor Liberation Ceremony. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join for this chance to cleanse ourselves and the spirits of America.

Anyone can participate in the Event by registering.


To participate in the Ancestor Liberation Ceremony, fill out the Ancestor Liberation Form and send it to the appropriate location or email to Forms must be sent in advance of the event. If forms are submitted late, the ancestors will be Liberated or Blessed at Cheongpyeong at the next workshop, not during the U.S. Event. 

This holds true for the other Forms as well.

You can go directly to the HJ CheonBo (Cheongpyeong) website and log in to find your Ancestor Liberation Records. If you don’t know how to access records, please read this tutorial


If you have not yet created an account, contact Cheongpyeong by email at In the message, include your country, full name of husband and wife, Blessing group, other family members doing the Ancestor Liberation with you, and the specifics of your request. 


Always keep a copy of your Ancestor Liberation Registration Form for your own records.


If you are having trouble accessing your records, please contact: Willus Namowicz at

All Blessed Families are invited and encouraged to participate in this special opportunity. Blessed Children can participate on behalf of their Parents. 


Participants must: 

  • Have received the Holy Wine
  • Be 18 years or older

1. Offer 21 days of 50 full bows. In the case that bowing is not possible, offer 21 days of breakfast fasting. 


2. Offer the liberaton donation. To calculate the accurate amount, please visit the HJ CheonBo website.

Those who completed the Ancestor Liberation at least 101 days prior to the Ancestor Blessing Ceremony can participate.  


If participating in the Ancestor Blessing Ceremony, it is recommended to bring Holy Robes and Blessing Ring. However, the Holy Robes are not required. Nice white clothes are fine.  

North America is part of Group 1. Please see “How to calculate liberation and blessing donation and registration fee” on the HJ CheonBo website.


Please note:


When calculating payment for liberation and Blessing, there is no need to add $25, as this is included in your registration fee to participate in the event.

  • White T-shirt for Chan Yang Sessions

  • If participating in the Ancestor Blessing Ceremony, it is recommended to bring Holy Robes and Blessing Ring. However, the Holy Robes are not required. Nice white clothes are fine.

Please arrange your own accommodations in Las Vegas. You can find a list of Hotels near IPEC here.

After filling in the Forms, please email them to If you are sending it physically by mail, please send it to 7966 Haven St., Las Vegas 89123. When sending it, make sure it delivers by November 9.